“Working with Kasia has given us a sense of support and care for our son. We love the fact that Kasia visits us in our home and involves all our family members in their time together. Her insight and experience in working with children has given us confidence and trust when we’ve needed help. We love the creativity behind the caring service and our son welcomes her with open arms every visit.”

Kate, Client

“We are so pleased that our son has shown positive changes in only five visits from Kasia in our home environment. Kasia’s approach is holistic and gentle. She has amazing patience, consistency and commitment to achieving the goals we as a family have set out in consultation with her. Our son has established a rapport and trust through the fun and playful interactions they share in making and creating processes that engage him and aid his learning. The changes appear with subtlety at first, but, are obvious on so many levels after some time. We have worked on self-belief, general confidence, anxiety built around reading and writing, calm approaches to teaching positive choices and self management, better choices in friendships, sustaining positive friendships, resilience from personal setbacks, and positive self talk. Our son has demonstrated a new maturity in all these areas and is beginning to shine from his new found confidence. We as a family look forward to continuing to work with Kasia on our vision through continuous support and commitment to his ongoing growth and chance to thrive. These tools will assist our son and family to unlock potential that may otherwise have never been realised. Thanks for your insight, belief, patience and adaptive commitment, Kasia.”

Kerstin, Client

“Kasia is calm and brings gentle energy to the sessions. It’s lovely to be able strip back and return to grounding activities through expressive art, cooking, soap making, and exploring nature. Kasia has been able to incorporate my child’s interest into the program which has given us a sense of belonging and ownership in the process. My child always seems calmer and grounded after her sessions with Kasia. Kasia has embraced our entire family including our unique pets with warmth and openness which has supported a meaningful and personal relationship with my child.”

Claire, Client

“Kasia has been an absolute blessing for our family. I can’t recommend her services highly enough. Our son comes home from his time with her feeling calm, balanced and nurtured. I love the one-on-one time that he gets with Kasia. My son has developed such a lovely warm and loving bond with her, and doesn’t have any of the separation issues that we experienced previously. I can really see that his time with her is fulfilling and adequately stimulating without being overwhelming. When he goes to Kasia it doesn’t feel like we are sending him to childcare, it feels like he is spending time with a loving family member and we really value that we have this help in raising our son whilst we are at work. Kasia has gone above and beyond with supporting our family through injury, illness, changing work schedules, plus can always offer support, guidance and re-assurance in relation to any of the everyday parenting challenges. We are truly grateful to have found Kasia!”

Lisa, Client

“Kasia Palko is no ‘book-learned’ theorist! Watching her successfully raise two children single-handedly, and put equal care into her business, I realised that Kasia is one of the most exceptional people you may meet in a lifetime. She lives her deep understanding of children, and of human nature. This is evidenced by the beautiful, exceptionally well-adjusted, and creative son and daughter she raised via the same humanistic principles she now employs in her wonderful behavioural specialist practice. Kasia is heart-driven, warm and caring, well-qualified, and possessing highly developed skill-sets and emotional intelligence, with a special sensitivity to children’s [and parent’s] needs. Being a parent myself, I am in awe of her consistently successful results with children of all ages. Kasia Palko comes with my highest recommendation for her wonderfully caring work with children.”

David, Naturopath, Noosa Fair LiveLife Pharmacy

“Kasia, I just wanted to say a big ‘Thank You’ to you! You have been such a loving support and guidance to us since we moved here last year. It was a really big change for us and you went above and beyond to help us by being flexible and supportive during this time of transition. I love your amazing work, your gentle loving nature and your dedication, not only to the children but to the families also. We are blessed to have you in our lives.”

Amanda, Client

“Kasia has an impeccable eye for the inner workings of children. She is confident, and applies her knowledge in a way that is in harmony with the child and surrounds.”

Cindy, Noosa Pengari Steiner School

“I had the pleasure to meet Kasia in 2014 in her role as a teacher aide at Noosa Pengari Steiner School. She was instrumental in my then five year old son’s transition to a school environment. Her ability to calm and connect – with children and adults alike – is truly remarkable. Kasia displays a genuine warmth and concern for all children… It is difficult to articulate the wonders this woman can create merely by her presence alone.”

Toni, Client

“Kasia is joyful, warm and nurturing – children adore her. She is also wonderfully efficient and brings many skills and talents to her work with children, including her delicious cooking and knowledge of gardening and crafts. I highly recommend Kasia, she would be a treasure for any family.”

Belinda, Former Colleague

“Kasia’s gentle, kind and caring approach has made the transition for Coco and myself feel so effortless and supported. It is a time I know Coco loves where she is cared for, stimulated through nurture and nature and really enjoying the interaction with a small group of children. Kasia is always so open to talk about Coco’s individual needs and development and is so supportive and empowering to me as her Mum. We love our Tuesday afternoon Kasia time.”

Annie, Client

“As a family, we cannot recommend Kasia more highly as a person and carer of children. She has become like an extended member of our family. We started care 18 months ago with our then 22 month old little girl who had never been in any other care besides family & who was very attached & anxious when not with us. Kasia worked with us & Lucy in such a caring & understanding way. Never pushing or dismissing anyone’s feelings and working to ensure everyone was content, happy & comfortable at all times. Kasia understands deeply how a child’s developing mind and body works and what stage they are at at all times. She has worked with Lucy who is now a confident happy little girl who counts down the sleeps to go to Kasia’s house. This transition happened quite quickly which is testament to Kasia’s genuine, caring, positive, calming nature. Our son has also since started with Kasia and he instantly took to her and loves going each day. I often say to people when speaking about Kasia that she is like a ‘warm hug’ each time we see her. We highly recommend Kasia to anyone who asks about care for their children.”

Kristy and Nick, Clients

“As working parents we have felt blessed to have Sophie in Kasia’s care over the last two years, Sophie has blossomed under her loving guidance. A tranquil space with a gentle rhythm to the day, Kasia offers a beautiful safe environment to nurture growth and self-expression. Her intuition, wisdom and knowledge have given us valuable insights into Sophie’s development. We are grateful to have Kasia as wonderful loving part of our extended family.”

Richelle and Ian, Clients