Holistic and intuitive play-based therapy that nurtures children’s creativity, imagination and inner-will

Kasia is a compassionate and committed behavioural specialist. She is passionate about supporting and guiding children with developmental, emotional and behavioural difficulties, and bringing about positive and lasting changes to children and their families.

Her creative and intuitive play-based approach aims to nurture children’s imagination, creativity and inner will. Kasia utilises observation and creative implementation to support your child and family in facing any difficulties or challenges, including but not limited to:

   • Pre-school and school associated difficulties, such as learning, structure, friendship and anxiety

   • Parenting strategies and struggles

   • Family breakdown and communication issues

   • Grief and loss

   • Trauma

Through her behavioural observations of children, Kasia develops creative behavioural management systems to assist children in interacting with their environment, families and peer groups, in order to help each individual child reach their highest potential.

Consultations are offered Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm. Initial consultations run for 90 minutes, and cost $195. Subsequent appointments run for 60 minutes, and cost $159. Consultations are held at Kasia’s home-based clinic, in professional consultation rooms, via phone or Skype, or in the comfort of your own home.

Kasia is now offering consultations out of Circle Wellness Clinic in Peregian Beach Monday to Thursday, and Empowering Wellness in Burleigh Heads on Friday.

Please note that travel fees may apply if you choose to hold the session in your home.

After hours assistance is always available via phone and/or Skype, if needed.