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Behavioural Therapy for Children During COVID-19

It’s so important to ensure our children are getting the support they need; now more than ever.

My Behavioural Therapy services will keep running in order to continue to provide support for families and children during this difficult time, as it is evident that many children are suffering undue stress, which can cause behavioural, psychological and emotional issues.

To keep families safe and avoid further distress, I will also be offering my Behavioural Therapy services via Skype and FaceTime for those who are self-isolated and practicing social distancing.

Considering the financial strain of the current climate, I am waiving my initial consultation fee of $195 for new clients and reducing all Behavioural Therapy sessions from $159 down to $119. I want to ensure that my services are accessible for everyone, so if this amount is still an issue for you, please get in touch and let me know. My priority is always to help children navigate through difficult times, no matter what, and this priority will remain no matter what happens in the future.

If your child is spending more time at home and struggling to adapt, my holistic and intuitive play-based therapy can assist in utilising your child’s creativity, imagination and inner-will to formulate a plan that will help them thrive, no matter the environment.

Have some questions about whether Behavioural Therapy is right for your child? Send me an email at hello@kasiapalko.com.au and we can arrange a time to discuss your specific needs further.

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