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The Incredible Years

The importance of social and emotional development during preschool years.

Whether it’s with their grades, learning transitions or communication, a child who is socially and emotionally engaged with their peers will always perform better. The 2020 school year has begun for children of all ages, and yet you might have noticed that your child is struggling, especially if they are preschool aged. Your child’s ability to manage their emotions and behaviours can be tough in this age group, especially because they are navigating new routines and relationship structures, as well as navigating the world of friendships and peer engagement. Studies show that socially competent children are more confident and academically successful than those with poor social skills. Now is really the time to encourage socialisation and friendship with others in order to boost your child’s academic potential for the years to come.

If you suspect that your child might be struggling with making friends and adapting to the school-based schedule, I recommend booking in to see a Child Behavioural Specialist. My creative, play-based approach utilises observation and creative interaction to support your child through any difficulties, which include preschool associated difficulties like learning, friendship and anxiety.

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